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Mathias Sitsongpeenong King of ‘Max Muay Thai Week’

Yesterday (Sunday 11-05-2014) Mathias Gallo Cassarino (Muay Farang Captain) literally outclassed Denkiri Sor Sommai an ex Lumpinee Champion who in the past was called: Dhenkiree Kiatgesorn. Mathias brings home his 3rd consecutive victory at Max Muay Thai. This prestigious event from now on will be aired every sunday on Thai TV Channel “CTH” with a new format: Max...
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Mathias doubles: an other victory at Max Muay Thai

Petchaiya expected a “technical” opponent who wanted to score points, instead he is overwhelmed by a series of short but intense attacks from the first minute.   The Thai fighter tries to intimidate Mathias with a vicious jumping knee and punches. Mathias dominated all 3 rounds and won by decision fight that he could have won...
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